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​July 5 - 6, 2019

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The Alturas Chamber of Commerce is currently in the process of searching their archives for historical documentation or photographs about the Chamber past that we can share with our online visitors.  If you currently live in Alturas or had resided here in the past, and you have photographs or writings detailing any Chamber events (Fandango Days Parade, etc.) that you would like to share with us, please contact the Chamber of Commerce by clicking on the "Contact" link and let us know.  We would be happy to view and verify the content and perhaps post it on our website.

Here is a list of our past Fandango Days Parade Grand Marshals

1990 - Marion Campbell

1991 - K. C. Tierney

1992 - Francis "Frogs" Ballard

1993 - Virgie Meyer

1994 - Ray Brennan

1996 - Mary Young

1997 - Mary Flournoy

1998 - Southern Pacific Railroad Employees who worked for SP for 40 plus years each:  John Simpson, Paul Robinson, Norton

            Smith, Paul Livingston, Genevieve Drown and Janis Smith

1999 - Retired Teachers from Modoc County:  Ed Carver, Ida Grace Armor, Leonard Weber, Mattie Dunn, Carrie Anderson, Mary

            Flournoy, Betty Reid, Dorothy Anklin, Linda Conner, Vivian Commons, Maxine Sonnevil, Sigurd Sonnevil, Jesse Arkarro,

            Chris Starr, Earl Sullivan, Pat and Wanda Tignor, Mary Bauer, Lawrence Beebe, Gus Dekker, Winnifred Coombs, Muriel

            Griswold, LaVon Coffin, Paul Nielsen, Phyllis Mercer, Francis Archer, Mary Gilmore, Wes Buffum, Victoria Olson, Raymond

            Page, Margaret Thayer and Virginia Pierce.

2000 - Erin Forrest

2001 - Seab McDonald

2002 - Recy Hicks

2003 - Walter & Joyce Sphar

2004 - Patricia Cantrall

2005 - Mike Mason

2006 - Carol Sharp

2007 - Al Crudele (Alturas City Fire Department volunteer for 45 years).  Honorary Grand Marshal with Alturas Fire Department

            at the front of the parade along with other organizations staffed by volunteers.  The theme "Volunteers, the heart of our


2008 - Marie Smith

2009 - Paul Mitchell

2010 - Jim & Mary Porter

2011 - Alturas City Fire Department (Celebrating their 100th Anniversary).

2012 - Phyllis Dustman

2013 - Clinton Romesha

2014 - Jim Ireland

2015 - Harold & Cordelia Rosendahl

2016 - Modoc County Historical Society and Chamber Volunteers:  Dixie Server, Annette Mohr, Carrie-Lee Anderson and James


2017 - Roy & Ardie Ferry



Chamber Memories

​​"Shop Local First"

"Where the West still lives"

​Modoc County Courthouse

​​December 1, 2018

​​​September 14 - 15, 2019

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