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​​December 1, 2018

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​July 5 - 6, 2019

The Alturas Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Judge Guy Martin Young of Alturas will lead the 2018 Fandango Day’s parade and celebration on July 7th.  Once his name came up during the selection process it didn’t take but a few seconds and a whole lot of thumbs up to realize that he was the right one to represent our yearly celebration,  When asked to become our Grand Marshal, Judge Young not only excepted but he also shared his memory of driving a convertible down the parade route when his mother Mary was Grand Marshal of the Fandango Day’s Parade in 1996.

 Judge Young is one you can truly define as a lifelong Modoc’er, having been born and raised in the simple and rural community of Alturas on June 23, 1933.  His father and mother moved to Alturas during the great depression that was already devastating the country’s economy.  This was where Judge Young and his sister Colleen, were born and raised.

His father was in the Life Insurance business and was offered a job through his employer to service policies in the Alturas area.  After moving to Alturas, his father became actively involved in other business ventures such as raising barley in Tulelake as well as opening a Dodge/Plymouth dealership in the old Grady Henderson building which today is now the site of Ardie’s Classie Lassie.

Growing up in Alturas was more of a joyous and fulfilling occasion rather than complicating for Judge Young as it offered the right blend of childhood activities to keep an active kid busy for most of the day.  He attended Alturas Elementary School as well as Modoc High School, receiving his diploma in 1951.

Throughout High School Judge Young’s passion to play basketball was always at the forefront of his curriculum.  Being 6’ 4” as a Senior, he never had much difficulty impressing the High School basketball coach in letting him play in a sport he loved so dearly.  “Rumor had it that the only reason I went to High School was to play basketball and eat lunch,” he vividly recalled.  “There wasn’t that many players of my height at the time going to High School."

After graduating from High School, Judge Young attended the University of Berkeley where he received a bachelor’s degree in General Education.  From there, his motivations led him to a two-year enlistment into the U.S. Army where he was trained as a long-range early warning radar technician.  His basic training took place at Fort Ord in Monterey County, then to Fort Bliss in Texas for his advance training.  Eventually, he was given a permanent full-time assignment at Fort MacArthur in Los Angeles.

It was while he was stationed at Fort MacArthur that he attended U.C.L.A. School of Law.  “I was working as an early warning radar tech at night and had my days pretty much open to attend school, so I did it,” he said.  “Took me three years, but I got my law degree,” he further elaborated.

While attending law school he met and married his wife Gloria.  After obtaining his law degree he and his new bride moved to Thousand Oaks, California where he opened a law practice, which began his long and successful legal career.

After suffering a heart attack at an early age, it didn’t take long for Judge Young to move back to Modoc County where he opened his own private practice in 1971.  This ultimate decision was based solely on a much lighter and less strenuous caseload recommended by his doctor. 

Prior to moving to Alturas, four daughters were born into the Young family: Margaret, Marilyn, Janet and Lisa.  Sadly, in 2017, Janet passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  When asked who his favorite daughter is, Judge Young stated with clear and concise sincerity, “It’s the one I’m with at the moment." 

In 1974, voters throughout Modoc County elected Young to be the next Superior Court Judge, a position he held until his retirement in 1994, at the age of 61.  His courtroom presence was still felt for the next ten years, as he continued to do assignments for the State of California.

Life as a Superior Court Judge in a rural community may seem to some as a blend of “small town smarts along with the ideology that rural judges use a much leaner sentencing guideline".  But that wasn’t the case with Judge Young.  According to a Sacramento newspaper article written about him in 1990, Judge Young was known as the “hanging Judge” based on his overall conviction rate per capita cases.  The article went on to say that more criminals were sent to state prison from Modoc than any other California county, and Judge Young admits that some of his Alturas friends were starting to brand him with the “hanging judge” appellation.     

Judge Youngs main hobby, when not hearing cases from the bench, is sail boating, a passion of his that has lasted over 50 years.  “It all started with a vacation to Catalina Island with my wife Gloria when we lived in Thousand Oaks.  There were sail boats all over the place, and that was when I decided for the first time to give sailing a try,” he said remembering with fondness.  Many Modoc’ers will remember spotting Judge Young out-and-about town donning his “Captains” hat.  If one pays close attention, you still might see him wearing it around town today.

His other lifelong passion is reading, sometimes spending 2-3 hours a day immersed in a good adventurous novel, books about the stars and universe or a religious book.  Whichever one he chooses at the time still gives him incomparable enjoyment.  

In 2004, after a long illness, Gloria passed away.  In 2007, Judge Young married his childhood friend, Suzanne Williams.  Both he and Suzanne are avid San Francisco Giants fans and enjoy attending Spring Training games in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Judge Young continues to be active in our community by serving the last 6 years on the Last Frontier Healthcare District Board and is a driver for the Veterans van transporting Veterans to their doctor’s appointments.  He is still a member of the local Elks Lodge #1756 and is very active in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. In previous years he served on the Modoc District Fair Board and was an active member of Rotary, even serving as Club President.  The Alturas Chamber of Commerce is so proud to have such a distinguish member of our community lead our annual parade and festivity on July 7th.  Judge Guy Martin Young is a prime example of a kind-hearted and generous person whom anyone would love to have represent their community.  It is a great “honor to have your Honor” as our 2018 Fandango Day’s Grand Marshal.   Welcome aboard!!

2018 Fandango Day's Grand Marshal selected


Judge Guy Martin Young

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